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Asia Farm Animal Day (AFAD) is a celebration of the people and organizations across Asia who are working to protect the farmed animals of the region. Together we connect with like-minded advocates, learn from leading pioneers, increase the impact of our work, and create systemic change for farm animals in Asia.

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Elodie Guillion at a conference

Elodie Guillon, World Animal Protection

AFAD is growing in strength year after year. This year had a really impressive line of speakers covering a wide range of issues and skills needed to grow the farm animal welfare advocacy movement in Asia. Well done to AFA for leading the organizing committee.

Woman holding a chicken

Marianne Macdonald, Animals Aotearoa

It's great to see so many committed, caring people working to improve welfare for farmed animals in Asia and this is a great format to share information and support each other.

Yuki Takahashi at the Animal Rights Center Japan

Yuki Takahashi, Animal Rights Center Japan

Thank you for strengthening the network among activists in Asia. Sometimes we need information about neighboring countries or trade partners, and it's useful to have personal contacts in those countries for fast, accurate information, especially across language barriers.


Christine Xu, Aquatic Life Institute

I would highly recommend AFAD to anyone interested in animal welfare in Asia. It has been an incredible honor to contribute to such an important and impactful event.


Chokdee Smithkittipol, World Animal Protection

AFAD event helps me see the light of opportunity for organizations in Asia to improve the food system to become more sustainable and humane. We need to work harder at regional level and gain more power to change the game.”

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What is AFAD?

What Is Asia Farm Animal Day?

Asia Farm Animal Day (AFAD) is a celebration of the people and organizations across Asia who are working to protect the farmed animals of the region, and to encourage Asian people to choose a kinder diet and lifestyle

The conference is co-organized by both the Asia for Animals Farm Animal Coalition and the Animal & Vegan Advocacy (AVA) Summit. Both have already delivered world-class events which bring together the most influential speakers in the vegan & animal protection space, which is why AFAD 2023 is certain to be an engaging and inspiring event for animal advocacy professionals from all over Asia and beyond.

Image by Wan San Yip
Image by Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee
Who should join?

Who Should Join Asia Farm Animal Day?

The AVA Summit and AfA’s Farm Animal Coalition are bringing together advocates focusing on systemic change and working on a wide range of tactics, strategies, and approaches towards a shared vision. 

We welcome people who come to their journey with any motivation, including but not limited to: animal rights, environmental, social justice, effective altruism, personal health, and other intersecting movements. We support a wide range of strategies and tactics for advancing our vision, from grassroots activism to highly specialized engagement, individual outreach to food systems change, legislative change, corporate engagement, and advancing animal-free technologies.
Our audience consists of dedicated individuals working or looking to work in the animal and vegan advocacy movement as high-impact volunteers, employees, or movement professionals.


We are on a mission to continue creating the space for global advocates to come together and learn in a highly modern, diverse, progressive, and impactful conference series for the animal and vegan advocacy movement worldwide. 

Why Farm Animas?

Why Farmed Animals? Why Asia?

The majority of farmed animals and fish on planet Earth are raised in Asia. Every single one of these countless billions of animals is a living, sentient individual with needs, but the vast majority of them do not have these needs met, and suffer because of it. 

Every 10th of October, we unite the people & NGOs of Asia to celebrate Asia Farm Animal Day to make visible the importance and urgency of this issue. 

Because of the interlinkages with other global issues that affect people & planet, the way we currently treat farmed animals simply cannot go on.

Explore our site to see how you can get involved to help the animals across Asia who need your action now.

Empowering NGOs

Empowering NGOs & Professionals

Asia Farm Animal Day is the annual culmination of the AVA Summit & FAC's  great joint effort to provide resources, advice, and expertise to NGOs at all levels and utilizing all approaches to make transformative change for farmed animals.

If you are part of an NGO, or an aspiring professional in this movement, this event is a must for you. Asia Farm Animal Day is your annual opportunity to connect directly with leading pioneers in the animal protection & diet change spheres.

Please head to our 2023 program section for more details. Sign up here to keep up to date with announcements.

Woman working
Empowering People

Empowering People

Are you just starting on your journey with animal advocacy, or veganism? Maybe you would like to learn about using your career to help farmed animals? Or perhaps you would just like to help spread the word and raise awareness among your friends and family of the issues facing farmed animals in Asia. Explore below for ways to celebrate Asia Farm Animal Day even if you are not part of an NGO.

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț


Demonstrate that you care by cutting cruelty from your diet and eat plant based for a whole week... maybe you'll love it so much you'll continue your journey to a plant based diet. 

Image by Christina @


Join Asia Farm Animal Day to learn about the latest career opportunities in our movement and how to maximize your impact for farmed animals. 

Image by Ben Mater


Let your friends & family know that you care about the plight of farmed animals across Asia & share our posts.

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Image by Iva Rajović


Never underestimate the impact you can have when armed with the correct knowledge. Visit our farm animals page to read more about the issues they face from intensive factory farms housing thousands of animals to their uses in food, clothing and by-products.

Click on the image to learn more.

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