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Food and Beverage Policy and Procedures

Asia Farm Animal Day 2024

Organized by Asia for Animals Coalition and the Animal & Vegan Advocacy (AVA) International

Badge For Meal Functions

The Asia Farm Animal Day (AFAD) Conference is pleased to provide delicious daily meals! Hotel meals are expensive and we plan far in advance to ensure everyone is well-fed, taken care of, and provided with adequate vegan fuel to stay energized during the entirety of the Conference.  The name badge that is generated via your ticket registration is your ticket-to-meal function. Those without badges won't be able to attend meals.


What Your Ticket Includes

  • Vegan tea breaks

    • October 9 (x1);

    • October 10 (x2);

    • and October 11 (x1).

  • Vegan lunch on October 10.

  • Dinners are not provided by the AFAD Conference.


Friends, Family, Partners, Colleagues

Though we would like to offer meals to everyone, we need to ask that you help us plan ahead by ensuring you, your friends, colleagues, and your family are all officially registered prior to the conference so that we can factor their attendance into our Food and Beverage logistics. By taking this step, the organizers of the AFAD Conference will be able to account for and accommodate everyone who shows up. Thank you for your understanding!

*Please follow this link to view the available registration tiers and register at the level that best suits your individual needs.

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