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Asia Farm Animal Day (AFAD) becomes the 
AVA Summit Asia from 2025!

Statement by Asia for Animals Coalition


The Asia for Animals Coalition (AfA) launched the first Asia Farm Animal Day (AFAD) in 2020, and since then it has gone from strength to strength as a much needed, and much celebrated event, gathering of organizations working on behalf of Asia’s farmed animals. 


Through AfA’s Farm Animal Coalition (FAC) member organizations, AFAD began as an online event for NGOs to come together and present their work. It also served as an awareness-raising platform to celebrate farmed animals and to highlight their plight.


Through our incredible collaboration with our partners, and friends, Animal and Vegan Advocacy International (AVA International), AFAD became an in-person conference, which launched in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2023 and is now into its second year in Hanoi in Viet Nam.


Through the events that have been held over the past five years,  we are delighted and grateful to see so much support from organizations and individuals working in the farmed animal protection movement on the Asian continent and beyond. 


We aimed to offer a real-world platform for networking, forming friendships, collaboration and unity across the movement, and we feel this has been achieved. After deep consideration and discussion with both teams, we have decided that AFAD should now be organized solely by AVA International from 2025.


Despite this change, we plan to continue to collaborate with  and support AVA International’s efforts, and will be part of the new brand AVA Summit Asia's steering committee. We will of course be present in 2025 for the AVA Summit Asia in India.


Will AfA continue to work on farm animal protection in Asia?

FAC’s aim to unite and support the animal protection movement continues, and based on the resources, experience and expertise available to us, we will continue to focus on organizing regional FAC events, working group activities and the biennial AfA Conference. FAC’s regional events bolster the larger events, allowing focus for more local NGOs to come together, to discuss in their own languages issues pertinent to farmed animal advocacy in their own regions. We will continue to hold at least two regional events each year. 


What will happen to AFAD?

Asia Farm Animal Day will continue to be held on October 10th of each year, but it will revert to its original online format: a day on which both NGOs and the public can take part in and promote awareness-raising and educational activities that focus on the sentience, wonder, and inherent value of farmed animals and how to improve their lot across Asia. 

2025 exciting events!

  • March - Farm Animal Coalition Regional ~ Indonesia

  • June - Farm Animal Coalition Regional ~ China

  • August 25th to 29th - AfA Conference Taipei “Reflection and Breaking Boundaries”

  • September - AVA SUMMIT ASIA ~ India

  • October 10th (annually) - Asia Farm Animal Day,  celebrating the farmed animals of Asia

*all subject to location changes



Please feel free to contact FAC or AVA members directly with any questions or comments about this transition, via email at: or 

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