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Hanoi, Viet Nam | October 9-11, 2024

Asia Farm Animal Day (AFAD) is a conference dedicated to the people and organizations across Asia who are working to protect the farmed animals of the region. Together, we connect with like-minded advocates, learn from leading pioneers, increase the impact of our work, and create systemic change for farm animals throughout Asia.

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Immerse yourself in

a cutting-edge conference series

that fosters connection, learning, and impactful change for farmed animals worldwide.

Image by Thomas Iversen
Image by Pieter van Noorden

Asia's role in farmed animal production is pivotal...


as the majority of farmed animals and fish on planet Earth are raised in Asia, making AFAD a crucial platform to address urgent issues and advocate for transformative change. Be part of a diverse community driven by various motivations, from animal rights to environmental concerns and beyond. 

Image by Marek Piwnicki

An essential event uniting individuals and organizations across Asia,

AFAD is committed to protecting farmed animals and promoting compassionate living by bringing together influential speakers in the vegan and animal protection space, creating a dynamic and inspiring experience for advocates and professionals alike.

Image by Phoenix Han

Whether an NGO or an aspiring professional in the movement,

Asia Farm Animal Day provides the space, resources, and expertise to make impactful change for farmed animals throughout Asia and beyond.

Elodie Guillion at a conference

Elodie Guillon, World Animal Protection

AFAD is growing in strength year after year. This year had a really impressive line of speakers covering a wide range of issues and skills needed to grow the farm animal welfare advocacy movement in Asia. Well done to AFA for leading the organizing committee.

Woman holding a chicken

Marianne Macdonald, Animals Aotearoa

It's great to see so many committed, caring people working to improve welfare for farmed animals in Asia and this is a great format to share information and support each other.

Yuki Takahashi at the Animal Rights Center Japan

Yuki Takahashi, Animal Rights Center Japan

Thank you for strengthening the network among activists in Asia. Sometimes we need information about neighboring countries or trade partners, and it's useful to have personal contacts in those countries for fast, accurate information, especially across language barriers.


Christine Xu, Aquatic Life Institute

I would highly recommend AFAD to anyone interested in animal welfare in Asia. It has been an incredible honor to contribute to such an important and impactful event.


Chokdee Smithkittipol, World Animal Protection

AFAD event helps me see the light of opportunity for organizations in Asia to improve the food system to become more sustainable and humane. We need to work harder at regional level and gain more power to change the game.”

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